Tailor Made

Endallah Cultural Tours offers three fixed itineraries. They're balanced and logical itineraries that combine the most popular parks and activities with some days homestay in Endallah. But more and more our clients are booking tailormade safari's. The fixed itineraries serve as source of inspiration to create a new itinerary with small or big changes compared to the original. 

Because all of our safari's are private safari's we can design the tour according to your wishes: more or less parkdays, more or less tribes, more or less nights in an exclusive lodge or in a Masai- or Datogahut, visit hospitals, dispensaries or schools, a bush dinner,… Just tell us and we'll organize it for you! But… no hunting! 

For big groups or organizations we always choose for a tailor made itinerary. They mostly have other needs and interests than the smaller family trips. We always try to make something special out of it, depending on the interest of the group. Endallah Cultural Tours has organized several group holidays in the past for students, youth movements, volunteers, birdwatchers, and so on.

Tailor made doens't necessarily mean more expensive. Although it takes us more time to develop the itinerary the cost of the safari only depends on the itinerary. So don't hesitate to send us your wishes, we'll gladly create a wonderful holiday for you!