September 2014

All went well and we had a great time in Tanzania. The itinerary was just perfect : gradually building up to a climax at the end. We especially recommend Tarangire: it’s fantastic in dry season ...  Saw many things: lots of wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and elephants of course, but also many lions, leopard and a beautiful cheetah mother with cub with a freshly killed impala…

A. D.G.

August  2014

It was just fantastic! One of the most beautiful countries I ever visited!

G. G.  

It was an amazing trip: the islands of Zanzibar and Lamu, nature, the game drives in both Tanzania and Kenya, the lodges, the animals, beautiful and impressive continent! But what impressed us the most were certainly the people and the difficult conditions they’re living in. The privelege of becoming part of the family life of John & co and the daily life of the local community, will linger in our heads for longtime…

J. T.

July 2014

We had a fantastic trip!!! It was a great experience, alsof or the kids. The programme was perfect and we enjoyed the charming company of John and the other colleagues of Endallah Cultural Tours.

M. B.  

We’d leave again immediately... We enjoyed the perfect combination of game driving,  our stay in Endallah , the Masaai , the daily life in the villages, the schools and the mission hospital of Endulen...

D. F.  

Our holiday in Tanzania was just fantastic! The programme was well balanced and offered a lot of variety: parks, culture and a bit of pole pole ;-) Also an enormous experience in life for our children. We were also impressed by your projects in Endallah and would like to participate in the future…

J. M.  

We had a fantastic stay, both in Endallah and on the way. The people were always very enthusiastic to meet us: in the guesthouses , the dispensary, church, the village, school , ... We enjoyed a lot and had a great guide and cook: Thomas and Agape. And nature speaks for itself : super !

G. L.  

May 2014

I would like to thank you for all the arrangements for our travelling to Tanzania! It was a fantastic experience and I enjoyed a lot. We met so many unique people and John was a great help while establishing a partnership between our school and Karatu hospital.  

W. D.V.

April 2014

It was a fantastic trip and experience! Thanks for organizing it for us. We’ll certainly return! Thomas was a great companion and guide and we’re sure he enjoyed it as much as we did. Our list of determined birds counts 330 species but after studying our photo’s I’m sure we’ll add some more.

D. O.  

January 2014

Everything in our safari was perfect. Thomas and Paul were the best guides we could have and all of us have lived a very interesting and amazing experience.I can assure you we are very happy with the decision made going with Endallah Cultural Tours and I want to transmit that I will recommend your services to everyone that think at going to Tanzania. 

As said, the drivers were very kind and we are really glad to have done the Safari with them, Thomas with his good humor and audacy and Paul with his courtesy and wisdom. 

I also want to thank you for all the services provided.

J. O.

November 2012

It was all, I had been hoping for, and so much more. I wouldn't change anything I and I truly hope, I'll see Endallah and all the people who made my holiday possible again! I'll miss them for sure!
I had the most wonderful time ever in Tanzania!!! Thank you again, for your help with the organization, everything went very well and I'm grinning like a fool the whole day, because there are so many happy memories stored in my heart and brain, that I feel like dancing around like Rumpelstilzchen (which I occasionally do, but only when nobody can see me :-)

A. M.

If you are really interested in meeting people from Tanzania and are looking for a way to see more than just the backsides of other tourists, Endallah tours is an excellent choice


September 2012

I have just spent 4 weeks with Endallah Cultural Tours and I have been very impressed. They are very good and highly professional. They are also relatively a LOT cheaper than the other agents I have found on the market, and offer unique tours in the smaller villages of Tanzania.
They are also very good when it comes to responsible traveling. Part of their profit is spent on schools and dispensaries. Their staff are all locals.
I am personally convinced that the Endallah Cultural Tours concept is a great one and that there is a market for it. The few easily identified travel agents in East Africa are all top-end and very expensive. This currently leaves the average ill-informed traveller with no other choice but to backpack. ECT is an intermediate solution that many are waiting for. This coupled with the great sites around Endallah and the opportunity to do real cultural/community tourism... you are spot on and have a really good concept.

M. S.