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We are happy to travel with anyone, black and white, eccentric and mainstream, old and young, straight and gay,… Everybody’s welcome. Nevertheless our special way of operating our safaris and the fact that our guests will experience the village life, make that probably not everyone will be happy to travel with us. In order to avoid miscommunication and/or disappointment, we’d like to put some things straight…


Be prepared to meet and talk to the local people: the bright and well-fed but also the poor and sick. Realize that you’re in Africa and that an off road safari means that anything can happen. We won’t fly you from one beautiful lodge to another and the people you meet are not only the barmen and the waiters. Instead we offer you ‘the real stuff’ and we hope from the bottom of our heart that you’ll enjoy it as it is. For those who are prepared to open their heart, Tanzania will be an unforgettable experience.

Fit and healthy

We welcome young as well as older people as long as they’re still active and young at heart. Some of the hikes demand a relatively good condition but most of them are feasible for any healthy person. All of the listed tours include some camping but the campsites can easily be replaced by lodges if that's what you want. The roads are rough and the soil is rocky, making it quite difficult for people in a wheelchair. But with enough support, it should be possible.

With or without children

Families with children are most welcome. The kids will have a great time in Endallah and will discover a new world. We have a lot of experience with family's with both older and younger children (even baby's) and all of them are enthousiastic about their holiday. We’ll be happy to design a special family program that covers your wishes.


You’re in Africa. Things go a bit slower so just take it easy. Enjoy a wonderful sunset, the daily life or a beautiful bird instead of getting nervous about departure times or flat tires. We’ll do everything we can to avoid them, but these things can happen. Just relax…


We operate cultural safaris. You’ll spend a lot of time on game drives in some of the most beautiful parks in the world, but you’ll also visit the local tribes, pick up some information about their habits and lifestyle and do some walking. Please don’t focus on wildlife only. Tanzania offers great game but also a fantastic cultural diversity. It would be a shame to miss it!

No Crocodile Dundee's

We operate off road trips and lead you to places where no other tourists go. Nevertheless there’s no need to be a Crocodile Dundee to survive our safaris. You’ll get bottled water, decent food, a shower every day and no wild animals need to be killed in order to save your life. The roads may be rough but our safaris aren’t. So don’t worry if you don’t have a survival kit and a Rambo knife. You’ll do very fine without it.