Your Budget

"Budget safaris" don’t exist. Tanzania is a long way and an expensive plane ticket from home and the parks are, as anywhere else, expensive. Furthermore the roads are so bad and rather poorly signposted that hiring a car yourself is not an option. All this however doesn’t mean that a safari shouldn’t cost less than 3000 USD, as it seems. There are several ways to keep down the costs and they don’t necessarily mean that you lose on quality.

Making use of local people (do you need a so-called white hunter as a guide or could a local boy who grew up in the area also do the job?), local food (do you really need lobster, a selected white wine and ice cream for dessert or could a simple dish with chicken, fries and fresh vegetables also be tasteful?) and local accommodation (would a leather arm chair, an expensive bar and nicely dressed servant make your safari so much better?) help to reduce the costs and increase the authenticity of your safari.

We don’t want to label our safaris as ‘cheap’ when the average villager of Endallah has to work about 8 years to earn what one single safari costs. We nevertheless try to operate our safaris at a reasonable price, still make enough profit to earn our livings and support the local community. If you’re looking for a budget safari that offers you a true experience, then this is probably it.