Your Private Vehicle

All our tours are private. This means that it's only you (and your fellow travellers) we're going on tour with. This way you're organizing your safari as you and your friends or family want it and at your speed.

There will be no other tourists in the house or in the Landcruiser. This will give you the opportunity to make little changes in the program and decide yourself where and how long you want to stop. Tired of watching elephants? We'll just drive on and look for something else! For big groups we offer the opportunity to use a supply car. This car will carry the cook and the cooking and camping material and drive it straight to the campsite. The advantage of a supply car is that everyting is set up and ready when you arrive and that you have more space in your car during the game drives. We suggest to take a supply car on the safari days that include camping in the park from 4 people on.