Your Accommodation

We generally stay in local but comfortable guesthouses, in the family house in Endallah or in the guestrooms that are offered by Mission post and in little tents during the safari days. But or those who'd like to have some more luxury, we'll gladly upgrade their accomodation.

Your home in Endallah is the house of a local family. It’s far from a luxury lodge, but has all the comfort you need: a shower, a western style toilet, beds with mosquito nets, a small cupboard, some light in the evening and good home cooked meals. Laundry can be done too. It may happen that there’s shortage of water, especially in the dry season, but your home mates will do their best to find a solution whenever they can. Electricity is provided through a solar panel and a small generator, it should be enough to charge your cameras.

Once on the road we try to use charming small guesthouses instead of mainstream tourist hotels. They’re much cheaper and in general more welcoming. They’re also a good reference for news about local events and often provide good local guides. We always take care that they’re safe and have the necessary comfort. Through the years we have built a wide network of good local addresses.

In the parks you can choose between camping or a more luxurious stay in a lodge. Camping surroundedby animals may be a bit basic but it gives your safari an extra touch of the wild. For those who don’t like to sleep under canvas, we’ll book a lodge. In Ngorongoro Conservation Area we have our own special address. It’s a bit off road but it’s just a great place which – if the weather allows – connects Ngorongoro to the Serengeti through an amazing drive. You’ll see no other tourists and soak up the real Out of Africa feeling!