Community Bonus

Apart from going on safari with guests, we’re very much involved in developing our region. As such Endallah Cultural tours has been supporting several local development projects: the construction of a secondary school and kindergarten, the installation of water pumps, school renovation and school books, ... Nowadays Endallah Cultural Tours is a partner of Misingi (, a Belgian ngo that realises projects in Endallah and Engare Sero. John Mahu, the founder and owner of Endallah Cultural Tours, is a member of the local Misingi comittee and has also participated in all the former projects.

The guests are free to check out on the spot to see how the money is spent. People who are sponsoring a student through Misingi can meet 'their' student in Endallah to check out how he's doing. Travellers who want to support the local community are encouraged to do so through Misingi.