Water & Electricity

Although water and energy are pretty scarce in Tanzania, you should be able to charge your batteries and take your shower on time. Calling home is possible anywhere but being called can be difficult in Endallah and Engare Sero. The places with the best network are the national parks!

Endallah lays in a very dry region. The river is mostly dry and water supply can be erratic. The pipe water comes from Kansay River Forest, some 50 km away. Endallah was the last village to be connected to the pipe and the first without water when the water level at the source is low. We’ll do whatever we can to provide water at all times, but don’t shoot us when we run out of water.

There’s no electricity in the village. We are using a small solar panel and generator to get some light in the evening. You can also charge your phones and camera’s while the generator is on.

You can use your mobile  phone almost anywhere but you'll have to do some effort in Endallah and Engare Sero to find a place with network. Being called is only difficult in Endallah and Engare Sero unless you agree an hour on beforehand so you can wait on the right spot.