The Village

Endallah has about 4500 inhabitants and stretches out between Lake Manyara National Park in the South, Getamock and Endamarariek in the West, Basodowish in the North and Chemchem in the east. Endallah is situated at about 35 kilometers from Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s main gate and is only a few hours driving away from Serengeti’s Naabi Hill gate, Lake Natron, Tarangire, Mang’Ola and of course Lake Manyara. The drive from Arusha to Endallah takes about 2,5 hours.

Almost all of the inhabitants of Endallah belong to the Iraqw-tribe, a.k.a. the Mbulu people. The Iraqw are a relatively small tribe with Custhic roots. You will notice that most of the people still communicate in their tribal language (Kiraqw), Kiswahili being their second language. Very few villagers speak English as most of them never attended secondary school. The Iraqw people are farmers with maize and mbasi (a kind of beans) being their main crops. Endallah is a poor village, the average income is lower than 1 USD per day.