Our Family

Endallah Cultural Tours is owned and established by John L. Mahu, the father of our family. Happy, his oldest daughter, runs the business for him. She'll get the hulp from her other sisters and brother and her mom when they're at home. Furthermore several temporary guest are staying in the house: relatives or friends who all for their own reasons decide to stay with the Mahu family for a while. One big family!

While in Endallah, you’re staying in our family house and we hope that you will feel at home during your stay. So do we and we’ll therefore continue with our daily life as usual. Our family consists of Baba Happy (John), Mama Happy (Rhoda), Happy, Pascalina, Kesia, Lilian and Godlisen, although the children may be at school during your stay. Furthermore you’re likely to meet Hau, Hamsi, Mama Bernardo & Katarina. We consider ourselves as one big family and you’ll be part of it during your stay here.