Local Customs

Our fellow villagers are not headhunting snakewhisperers. On the contrary they have a certain Victorian view on clothing and behaviour. All our guests will be welcomed with open arms and you'll find our people friendly and respectful. However it’s advisable to follow some basic rules:


To exchange greetings is very important, also if you don’t know the people. Take some time to greet and you’ll get a smile in return.


Dress modestly. Our people are not used to see short skirts and naked bellies. Try to think about this when you choose your day’s outfit. Keep your bikini for on safari or at the swimming pool.


When you take photographs of people it’s advisable to ask permission first. Some will refuse, but most of them will have no objections. Don’t pay for a photo, if they agree it’s for free. They'll be happy to see the result. And only promise to send them photo's if you're really planning to do it when you get home.

Financial aid

Most likely you will encounter people who will ask you a favor or financial support. We generally don’t stimulate you to do so because this will increase their dependence on tourists. We strongly advise you not to give anything to begging kids. They should attend school instead of dwelling on the street in search of ‘wazungu’ (white men). You can help the villagers the best by donating something to the school or the dispensary rather than by supporting individuals. Misingi (www.misingi.be) is a Belgian organisation providing scholarships to the poorest children of Endallah and Engare Sero. By supporting them, you're directly supporting the kids of the village!